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SEO process to drive traffic with realistic leads

Morne Boshoff with Randi Zuckerberg

Morne Boshoff owner of CWD with Randi Zuckerberg founder of Zuckerberg Media, former Director of Market Development and spokesperson for Facebook author of Spark Your Career in Advertising, Dot Complicated and a children’s picture book called Dot.

Do you want to be on page one of Google?

SEO Secrets is an Internet Strategy Company based in South Africa.

Would you like your company to be listed at the top of Google for multiple search phrases (keywords) relevant to your products or services?

SEO Secrets offer SEO Local business listing service to increase website visibility and traffic from the relevant market.

Our monthly activities plan would not only improve sales of your company but also brand your products or services.

SEO Secrets can assist you in achieving your first page Search Engine Results Positioning (SERP) on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When you start off an SEO campaign we need to analyse your company, your competition, your web site and your industry. The data we collect is then used as a roadmap for your website to achieve success.

Step 1: Optimisation

Through optimisation we optimise the speed by making a few changes to help Google understand what the objective of your web site is.

Attention Grabbing Titles
Examination of meta data, meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots
Improve the loading speed of the web page where possible
Update the architecture of the web site as improved navigation makes it easier for robots to crawl your site for sear engine listing

Step 2: Content

Content on your website is what helps to guide and educate prospects about your businesses unique selling point. The more informative and intriguing your content the longer the user will stay on your site the better your chances are of getting a lead.

Search Engine Optimisation Sales Funnels

Step 3: Keywords

The heart of each SEO campaign is keyword research, keywords help to target and define your audience to drive valuable traffic to your business.

Keyword mapping reporting
Keyword rank tracking
Competitor keyword analysis

Step 4: Testing

The starting point is attracting relevant qualified search traffic to you. There is a continuous process of testing and making improvements to your site.

Continual Improvements
Call to Action
Conversion path analysis

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